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We all tend to think that About Us page has to be formal to gain credibility and trust, but most of us find it easier to trust real humans, rather than a description that sounds like it came from a machine.

If we try to sound too professional on about us page, results in plastic relation with the reader.

Instead, we try to be interactive and write content straight out of our heart - the perfect way to make sure our company blends in with the masses.

SRF Media Group, also known as, is a leading advertising agency in Pune. 

Along with advertising, we also provide digital printing services, digital marketing, event management & film production services.

Creativity completes us.

We only believe in the trans formative power of illustration and design & their ability to simplify communications, better the experiences, engage and inspire people.
Good design and relationships come from collaboration.
We're always excited to start a visual conversation, learn about you, and make something beautiful and memorable for you. 
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