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Celebrity Management 

Celebs create a hype for any event, be it a normal singer, or a comedian, anything would do. Just try to bring them on board and see. 

Directly or indirectly, Bollywood has had its major impact on our society. We often see that Bollywood is a reflection of our society.

The fictional element in movies influences the society to a great extent.
It has been observed that Celebrities have contributed in changes in our Indian culture and society has experienced it with the evolving of various elements in Bollywood  showcased in recent times.

We start believing or at least imagining what we watch in the movies might be real and that for sure has a lot of impact on who we are and what we want to become.

SRF Media is a Celebrity management agency  operating in Pune. We provide :

Marathi Celebrities

Bollywood Celebrities

Sports Celebrities

Stand-up Comedians



Mimicry Artists

Rock Band

Film actors and celebs have always been people's favorite. Some are role models, while some are famous for their looks. Some are dancers, mimicry artists or stand up comedians. 

SRF Media will book your favorite celebrity and will do all the arrangements required for the event.

We are movie loving people. We have admired our film stars since our childhood. Such is the impact of Bollywood and Cricket in India.

Thousands gather in a mall, or ground, wait for for hours, to get glimpse of the celebrity. How if you pay them a visit at your event.

Think about the impact and branding it would make on your event. People will remember your event forever and gossip about it, if the event goes well.

Many would think it a waste of money, but they never think about the profit and kind of brand recall value it creates after a successful event.