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Film Production House In Pune

"If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed" - Stanley Kubrick

Film Production House In Pune

Models Management

We manage male/female models for the shoot on any locations across Maharashtra 

We provide Male/Female models for

  • print shoots
  • catalog shoots
  • indoor shoots
  • outdoor shoots 
Hair Dressers

We provide hair dressers for the actors & actresses across the state.

Movie Promotions

We provide movie PR services, movie publishing, marketing, and distribution across all channels.

Film Producion services
  • Casting           
  • Screenplay Writing     
  • Renting Film Equipment
  • Editing
Post Production

Still dreaming about making movie ? Mail us your expertise along with work samples at

film production basic steps

1. Development and Planning
Feature film production is substantial upfront commitment of financial
and human resources.
Allocating and using resources effectively requires planning. This phase is for planning everything.

2. Pre-Production
Director, cast and film crew are assigned to the script. Suggestions made by the director are implemented.

Script is tailored to fit the image of the selected stars.  

Locations are selected in pre-production and all the practical arrangements are made in
preparation for the arrival of the cast and crew.

3. Principal Photography
From the first day of filming, every member of the crew is expected to be familiar
with the shooting schedule, and all the necessary equipment for the day’s work
should be available. Each member of the crew is provided with a call sheet,
itemising when and why they are required on set. The sets will have been built
and dressed, and lights positioned in accordance with the scheme agreed by
the director and the director of photography

4. Post-Production
Post-production transforms the thousands of feet of raw film into a finished film.

The process combines editing, selecting shots to be used, and assembling these shots in an appropriate order.

Attention then turns to the soundtrack. While the majority of American films record dialogue on set, some
parts may be rerecorded due to poor sound quality.

Music and sound effects must be recorded and the different tracks combined into a final mix.

End credits must also be added, and other optical and visual effects work may be required.

Film Production

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