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“Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success.”

rujuta gaikwad


Rujuta Gaikwad
Sr. Executive

A Professional and cheerful personality with a blend of smartness & knowledge.
Ambitions filled with positive energy, she is always up with business.
Amiable in nature, made for the extra mile! 


Akshay Patil
Executive - Digital

A diligent person, takes great care for doing things right.
Always searching for alternatives for the impossibles. 
It might not be pretty, but will tell you straight.

amit mane


Amit Mane
Graphic Designer

An intuitive person who operates by instinct. Has sort of a special feel for a situation.
Who is practical, his look at things is a reasonable, level-headed way. 




SRF Media Group squad

At SRF Media we keep ample amount of scope for the innovative inputs from each member. We all work as one team with one goal.
The work atmosphere here is amazing and keeps everyone energized. 

We are your friends first, then a trustworthy service providers.